Никита Пресняков подшутил над женой отца Natalia Podolskaya has experienced a variety of emotions. Known family together with friends is the fun celebrated the Day of defender of the Fatherland, testing virtual fashion games. For the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov chose the real action is.

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov February 23, celebrated with friends and family, inviting them into your home. The company has a very cheerful and noisy – Nikita Presnyakov with girlfriend Alena Krasnova, sister Natalia Podolsky Julian with her husband Anton.

      As entertainment friendly team chose a newfangled virtual games. Gadgets that will carry you into another reality, became the technical innovation of the past year and now gaining popularity in the market. It is not excluded that a trendy device, the so-called virtual reality helmet, in the house of the father brought Nikita Presnyakov. It is known that the young man loves novelties and is a fan of extreme sports.

      In his microblog Natalia Podolskaya has published a video in which she is depicted wearing a helmet. The singer did not specify where she went thanks to the newfangled device. But the video clearly shows that the young woman experienced a lot of vivid and varied emotions.

      During immersion in virtual reality Podolsky several times shies to the side of Nikita Presnyakov. The young man is very funny behavior of his stepmother. She gets scared, sometimes screaming in fear, trying to Dodge someone or something. “Guys, it’s a nightmare!”, – at some point pulled Natalia Podolsky. Meanwhile, the rest of the company could observe that he saw the singer wearing a helmet, on the big screen.

      “What self-restraint! So modest was frightened”, “Cool stuff”, “Well, what are you doing with Natasha?” – reacted to what he saw subscribers microblog singer.

      Next, someone wearing a virtual reality helmet was the husband of Juliana Podolsky Anton. “Tosh, come on! You have to pass!” – with knowledge of the case cheered the relative of Natalia Podolskaya.

      It is worth noting that the singer and her stepson Nikita Presnyakov has a great relationship. The young man often happens in the house of his father, where he is always welcomed with open arms. A couple of years ago Natalia Podolskaya and Nikita Presnyakov participated in the show First channel “Exactly-in-exactly” where though were rivals, but at the same time supported each other. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov well received and beloved eldest son of musician Alain Krasnov. Nikita Presnyakov introduced the girl one-year-old brother