Никита Пресняков представил девушку годовалому брату The musician and his fiancee came to visit Presnyakov. Son of Vladimir and Natalia Podolsky Topic recently celebrated its first birthday. On this occasion the girl Nikita for the first time were able to communicate with the little boy.

      Никита Пресняков представил девушку годовалому брату

      In relationships, Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova watching thousands of followers on Instagram. Users of the social network I admire the talents of young people and note that they make a beautiful couple. 18-year-old model already acquainted with the family of the musician. And the other day the girl managed to talk with the youngest of the kind presnyakovym.

      Alain posted on the microblog photo with her boyfriend. Lovers cuddling on a hanging swing on the porch of Vladimir Presnyakov. Nikita came along with darling first birthday of the younger brother of Artemis, who loudly said this weekend. Natalia Podolskaya threw him a holiday in a marine style

      The young model was able for the first time to talk personally with a small Subject. The kid was glad to see the guests and the cake, who made the song “Happy Birthday to you”. Presnyakov the entire house was decorated with white and blue balloons.

      Recall that Alena and Nikita have been Dating for more than a year. 19-year-old model managed to find common language with family guy and even went on my birthday, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. The girl is always waiting for the chosen one, when he goes on tour with his musical group “Multiverse”. Sometimes the pair manage to escape on a vacation together. They prefer to spend holidays on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, in the United States.

      For a long time Nikita hid her from the press, explaining that she doesn’t like attention on yourself. Alenka is neutral to all these events, and I’m not dragging her, they say, brought into the light! I just can’t do without her, we have such a strong bond. She does not want and does not like those cameras and Shine – it is not necessary. The main thing is that she is near – we are very associates,” said the musician.

      By the way, in the virtual space girl Presnyakov became very popular. Watch for her life about 24 thousand subscribers. Alena affects users of the social network for its extravagant and provocative images. However, this did not prevent her to cause only positive emotions to father Nikita. “Alena is a wonderful girl. Gentle, caring, clean. We all like it very much”, – said Vladimir Presnyakov in one of the airs. Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova: the wedding is not far off?

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