Nikita Mikhalkov tightly reined participating Comedy Woman

Никита Михалков жёстко осадил участниц Comedy Woman
Director Nikita Mikhalkov in the sharp form has commented on one of the editions of comic show Comedy Woman.

Никита Михалков жёстко осадил участниц Comedy Woman

Scandal around participating in shows Comedy Woman erupted after their jokes about the Soviet General Dmitry Karbyshev, which, in its program “Besogon” mentioned Nikita Mikhalkov. We will remind that the Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously), Dmitry Karbyshev was in fascist captivity in 1941. In February 1945 he and nearly 500 inmates of the camp stripped and brought into the cold. The General poured cold water until, until he died from frostbite. We are in the Comedy Woman joke was about the fact that when you have on the back runs a chill, that means you back embraces the spirit Karbysheva.

Никита Михалков жёстко осадил участниц Comedy Woman

“Well, when these sheep from Comedy Woman joke so they understand what they’re saying? They were talking about? For a moment they can imagine what it’s like in the 40-degree cold stand water from the hoses of ice water and turn into ice a monument to himself?” – said Mikhalkov and added words to the General: “Comrades, think of the Motherland, and courage will not abandon you.”

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