Никита Михалков отпросился у врачей на закрытие ММКФ

For the sake of at least a short time to attend the ceremony, the President of the festival escaped from the doctors.

Most competitive program, stars, red carpet – it would seem that the 38th film festival is no different to the previous one. But no! He opened one and passed without Nikita Mikhalkov. For the first time in many years the guests at the opening were welcomed by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the wife of the Director Tatyana Mikhalkov.

Journalists and the audience immediately asked the question: “What happened with Nikita Sergeyevich?”. Was in the hospital. With pneumonia.

“Nikita had a cold at the economic forum in Saint-Petersburg and is undergoing treatment,” confirmed the press service of the festival.

And yet miss the whole festival Mikhalkov could not. Asked permission from the doctors to the premiere of the film “Act of Magnitsky. Behind the scenes, for example. But today broke the closing ceremony. And while on the red carpet of the master was not, he was able to participate in the ceremony. Although many did not believe that Mikhalkov with such a serious condition will be enough to get stronger before the closing of the festival.

On the other hand, he can not, the festival is his brainchild. Briefly out of the hospital but not to come could not,” – commented Tatiana Mikhalkova.

Nikita has already appeared at the end of the red carpet. Met him violently, shouting: “Mikhalkov, Mikhalkov”. And the Director was happy that I could come – applauded, waved a welcome to all hands.

Well, I hope this option won’t be bad for his health!

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Meanwhile, Mikhalkov is not passed by, and patiently answered reporters ‘ questions, though it was noticeable that it is given to him is not easy: the voice of the Director was very hoarse, he spoke quietly, noticeably thinner. As journalists, we very much regretted, my colleague and I even gave a jar with a special healing oil. But Nikita was shown that regret it just not worth it – smiled, laughed. For questions about health dismissed:

“It’s okay, it quietly”.

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