Никита Джигурда пропал без вести

Scandalous Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda have stopped communicating. And on the background of his recent statements about the threats of physical violence is alarming. Last week Dzhigurda and his wife Marina Anisina won in the court of first instance and was recognized as the sole heirs of their godfathers Ludmila Bratash, but the sister of the late businesswoman with such a verdict does not agree. She continues to insist that her sister for any price would not have to issue millions of state without the presence of the notary and of appropriate forms and means Dzhigurda with his wife forged his will and she got used to the light.

No sooner had Nikita to enjoy the inheritance, and to announce plans to open a centre of spiritual practices in Greece, as he began to receive threats. In this regard, n made a statement, claiming that someone promised to remove it in any way. Dzhigurda said that is not going to commit suicide, who would not say that, but since Saturday.. gone. He hasn’t been in social networks, stopped responding to phone calls and journalists really believe that it could have something to happen.
The last entry left by Nikita reads: “a legally valid will recognized by the court of the Russian Federation, gives us the right to inherit Lucy Bratash – after the decision of the court in force! That is, a month… during this time Romanova has the right to appeal to the Moscow city court. Dirty slanderers Romanov expects criminal charges in Russia and in France, where she also committed a crime, violating the laws of the Fifth French Republic!”. There Dzhigurda threatened legal action and a former lawyer of his wife Sergei Gorino, accusing him of libel, and the author of the program “Man and law” Alexei Pimanova.