Соседи Гвинет Пэлтроу ненавидят её

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow – millions of fans, but the neighbors who live near her in the town of Montecito, California, a movie star hate with a perfect hatred. And all because of the celebrity plans to build a house in 14 thousand square feet and a corresponding noise from the Grand building.

“She annoys all the neighbors. The noise starts from early morning to late evening. Vehicles carrying materials and workers scurrying to and fro, creating a tube..” — said one of the residents of the city.
Neighbors Gwyneth believe that her new house will be too large and won’t fit into the overall picture.
“This is a very large building, too high and incompatible with the neighbouring buildings,” said Andrew rice, a representative of one of the neighbors celebrity Michael Makeleni. He also added that the neighbors Gwyneth in Brentwood, Los Angeles, complained on an oversized twelve gates celebrity and she had to change them. Residents of Montecito also hope that will make Paltrow to change their opinion. Local activists have appealed to the Board architectural oversight and they promised that the house will be lowered to 8 feet, but in fact, say the neighbors, he barely lowered to 1 foot. In addition to these houses Gwyneth has a property in London, Amagansett, Malibu and California.