Nikita Dzhigurda threaten to kill over a million of inheritance

Никиту Джигурду грозятся убить из-за миллионного наследства Unknown warned the actor about the massacre. Recently Nikita Dzhigurda became the owner of the imposing state. The money went to the artist from the godmother of his child, who passed away this winter. However, the newly minted millionaire can not enter into the inheritance, and also received threats over these assets.

      Никиту Джигурду грозятся убить из-за миллионного наследства

      Nikita Dzhigurda became a millionaire. His friend Ludmila Bratash, who died in the winter of this year, left the artist inherited a fortune. Testament women Dzhigurda showed in one of the social networks. According to the document, all of her property goes to Nikita and his wife Marina Anisina those. However, the actor had some problems to get the inheritance.

      According to Dzhigurda, this will for reasons he invalid in Russia. The document is available in Russian language, however, the legislation does not correspond to the shapes adopted in the territory of our country. Nikita decided to handle the problem in court, because notaries refuse to issue a certificate of inheritance. The actor and his wife have to get three Moscow apartments, overseas property and funds in Bank accounts of the deceased.

      According to Nikita, he was threatened with violence. If the actor enters into the right of inheritance, it can kill. “I post the documents, because my address did receive threats, even murder, if I’m not giving up,” wrote the artist.

      Никиту Джигурду грозятся убить из-за миллионного наследства

      We will remind that Lyudmila was found dead in a Moscow apartment, located in Krylatskoye. On the body Bratash was discovered bruising – multiple bruises and abrasions. About what happened in that apartment where a woman died is anyone’s guess. The chair argues that a girlfriend had been poisoned. Bratash named in his will, drawn in 2010, the names of relatives and the driver, which may interfere with his performance, noting that they are able to blackmail and even violence. The artist charged with the murder of Lyudmila these people. The actor is of the opinion that they were acting together, forced the dead to take drugs.

      “She was killed on the night of 15 February. She was a unique person. We wanted to start a joint project, but I couldn’t. I believe that she was killed by a driver who worked with her for 18 years. He really trusted, he had the keys to the safes. He had her tortured and tormented. When Marina saw her with bruises, but she never admitted that it makes the driver Dmitry. He poisoned her. Last year she struck out sister out of the will and did not want to see her,” said Dzhigurda “StarHit”.

      Никиту Джигурду грозятся убить из-за миллионного наследства