Обнародованы неизвестные подробности свадьбы Пугачевой и Киркорова A close friend of the star spoke about the incident that took place many years ago on the celebration. Alla Pugacheva and Phillip Kirkorov has officially registered his marriage in Saint-Petersburg in 1994.

      Обнародованы неизвестные подробности свадьбы Пугачевой и Киркорова

      Fans of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov forever remember the date March 15, 1994. In that day their idols married in St. Petersburg. The romantic event was covered by all the Russian and many of the world’s media. It would seem that it was a long time in the life of the stars has changed, but the witnesses of the celebration until now sharing exclusive details that happy moment.

      “This wedding was expecting. But it happened suddenly, because the Peter in this time were the concerts. I was Director, by the way, this show,” says a close friend Pugacheva and Kirkorov Roman Rodin in the program “live”, dedicated to deceased Director Oleg Nepomnyaschy.

      The memory of Oleg Nepomnyaschy: as the Director of Pugacheva and Kirkorov has changed the Russian show-business

      It turns out that one of the evenings after the show in the city on the Neva river Alla and Philip, and their close friends, who included the Roman, met with Anatoly Sobchak, who was then mayor of the city. Suddenly the conversation turned to the wedding. And the future newlyweds came to the conclusion that they are not against to sign without delay right in the Northern capital.

      However the stars were not in possession of passports. To go behind them to Moscow Pugacheva and Kirkorov has asked the homeland. He quickly returned to Petersburg, and the wedding took place. However, the triumph of a friend of the couple got into an awkward situation.

      “We came and no flowers. I said, “I’m a witness, I should give flowers to Alla Borisovne”. And I said the friend: “don’t panic!” And sees a bouquet of lies, and gives me his hand. I take this bouquet and see some people standing and looking at me suspiciously. Well, we went, signed. I gave Alla the flowers, took them away. And here these two people that looked at me intently, go to the gym, where you have this table, I find a bunch, pick him out and carry it to Anatoly Sobchak. It was a bouquet of the mayor. And the mayor gave alle a second time the same bouquet!” – remembers the novel.
      Обнародованы неизвестные подробности свадьбы Пугачевой и Киркорова

      Interestingly, after the official ceremony and Banquet celebrities have decided to get married. The mystery happened in Jerusalem. The ceremony was attended by only the closest pair, among whom was the late Director of the stars Oleg Nepomnyashchii. Rodin bright sadly remembers his friend.

      “Nepomniachtchi took this action very big part – he was holding a crown over the head of Philip. That is, he stood for a whole wedding, so to speak, was a man who was trusted to keep the crown during the wedding ceremony. He seems to be, on the one hand, such a discreet person who in the frame trying not to go. But at the same time, without Oleg passed almost no event”,- said a close friend of Alla and Philip.