Никита Джигурда шокировал интимными снимками The controversial actor is not shy to show body. Recently, a man posted on Instagram a photo in a speedo. Many fans of the star came to the conclusion that the frame is too revealing.

Nikita Dzhigurda once became the hero of scandals. Do not be afraid of condemnation by the public, therefore, often shocking the audience. The man routinely strange and sometimes very candid photos. However, the recent picture shocked even the most dedicated fans of the actor, because he appeared in the frame in a spicy bathing suit.

The photo is instantly shared followers Nikita Borisovich into two camps. Some of them defended the actor, saying that he has the right to be photographed as you wish. However, most fans came to the conclusion that the picture was too provocative.

“That’s the mini bikini”, “When you have to calm down and begin to behave appropriately”, “a Tattoo really bad, like he might prick” – shared the opinion of fans about the photo.

Tattoo Nikita Borisovich really look shocking. So, on the left leg men fans were able to distinguish between a self-portrait, and captured Slavic characters.

Even greater offence was caused by the post Marina Anisina those. Skater posted a photo of Nikita in spicy bathing suit surrounded by two children of the couple. Fans of the star immediately came to the conclusion that Nikita Miller gives bad example to his own heirs. According to them, the son Dzhigurda looks more decent and modest than the father.

“Here are my angels! And a personal “demon” guardian”, signed frame Marina Anisina.

Now in relations of star pair, there is complete idyll. Despite the fact that the actor and the skater got divorced after a major argument, they were able to forget the insults and again to find happiness.

Recently Marina and Nikita noted the tenth anniversary of the relationship. “The chair took its power and charisma my impenetrable fortress! I have no regrets! I am grateful to Nikita Miller for the children’s favorite, the experience and the unforgettable burning love,” – said the skater.

Nikita himself has repeatedly stated that he is a good father and tries to pay the heirs of the most of your free time. In his Instagram often appear cute pictures of her daughter and son, as well as amusing videos with them.

Now the star couple is absorbed by the proceedings with sister Ludmila Bratash, which accuses the Army fraud with the will of a relative. Despite the litigation that does not end, Nikita and Marina find the time on a family vacation with children.