The groom Alena Vodonaevoy helps her with the decorating

Жених Алены Водонаевой помогает ей с ремонтом квартиры More recently, famous TV presenter spends a lot of time in St. Petersburg. Alain Vodonaeva preparing for the wedding and actively is building housing in the city. “StarHit” learned from celebrities on what stage of the work on beautification of the property.
Жених Алены Водонаевой помогает ей с ремонтом квартиры

Recently in St. Petersburg hosted the VK Fest, which made Alena Vodonaeva. She held an interactive session with fans on the topic of “communication Strategies in social networks”. “StarHit” met with the star on a large-scale event and learned of her plans for the summer, as well as men shouldn’t trust the Internet.

Most recently, Alena Vodonaeva again repair. The presenter, who only recently completed control work on the beautification of an apartment in Moscow, said in Instagram that equips real estate in St. Petersburg.

Жених Алены Водонаевой помогает ей с ремонтом квартиры“Since yesterday began meeting with designers. Choose someone who understands what we talking about. Not everyone understands, I have to say. Some look at it and think: “Auntie, are you just a designer, not a seller of vegetables? In General, in active search…” – shared Alena in the microblog.

As it turned out, leading helps her boyfriend, DJ Alex the Cosine. Alena believes that it should be between a man and a woman. By the way, the pair is now actively preparing for the wedding: June 18 elect Vodonaevoy proposed to her. And in the nearest plans of Vodonaevoy long-awaited trip to the distant and mysterious China.

Boyfriend Alena Vodonaevoy took her to the registry office

“My boyfriend bought an apartment in St. Petersburg, so we started the repair. Thank God, this has been mostly male. I am involved only in the creative process – in design, and other decorations,” – said the star “StarHit”.

Note that the festival presenter shared the secrets of creating image online. According to Alena, thanks to the “Instagram” or “Vkontakte” it is possible to find a soulmate. “I know a decent amount of families who met in social networks, and they have had children,” explained the anchorwoman.

Conversing with the correspondent of “StarHit”, Alyona Vodonaeva also gave advice to those girls who want to find happiness in his personal life thanks to modern technology. As suggested by leading the image of a person on the Internet reflects his personality.

“Pay attention to men who do not sell themselves on social networks. We live in a time of filters and programs that significantly improve yourself, and find “smart” quotes in the Internet and pass them off as their own thoughts very easily. Look at the depth of the man and how he looks and presents itself. For me, it is strange if a man publishes a daily selfie while portraying a sexy face. Don’t want to offend anyone, but such representatives of the stronger sex immediately fall in my eyes”, – said the leader.