Никиту Джигурду обвиняют в подделке завещания и краже денег In the case of the death of a friend of the artist has been an unexpected turn. The driver of a wealthy businesswoman Ludmila Bratash said that Nikita Dzhigurda is deceiving the public.

      Никиту Джигурду обвиняют в подделке завещания и краже денег

      Last week country with a sinking heart I watched the program “live,” in which Nikita Dzhigurda was accused sister and driver Ludmila Bratash in her death. According to the artist, Svetlana Romanova and Dmitri Kuronov deliberately drugged businesswoman alcohol, and then to steal the inheritance and wealth. Outrageous actor demonstrated in Studio a will according to which it was he, not the relatives of the woman, is her heir. Such an unexpected decision, he explained to the friendly relations with Lyudmila, who was godmother of his son.

      It became known as Nikita Dzhigurda got multi-million dollar inheritance

      Today in the Studio “Live” came the driver Bratash, who tried not just to justify to the public, but also showed the Least counter-charges. So, the man said that new year’s eve Nikita was Lyudmila.

      “I think she just poured, were celebrating it alone. In the apartment, I suppose, “celebrated”… he Fumbled, looking for something, because they have disappeared… her safety Deposit box was opened, emptied, – said Dmitry. – Lyudmila appreciated stolen six hundred thousand euros.
      Никиту Джигурду обвиняют в подделке завещания и краже денег

      Moderator announced the list of the stolen values, there were a lot of jewels and expensive Antiques.

      “I found that missing the first of January. In the evening, somewhere in the region of ten I call the guard and said: “Lucy is taken”. I take off and go up to the apartment, I have a key was open the apartment, and there unnatural cleanliness that some candles are not Lyudmilin. I decided to check the safe, I was home. I had a spare key to the safe. Opened the safe, it was completely empty. I went down to the guard, get on the phone to Marina Anisina those, Luce, Chair. Tube nobody took, then they were blocked,” said Kuron.

      The sister of the dead girlfriend Dzhigurda publicly called him “fufel”

      Then, the Studio has released the recording from the surveillance camera, which shows that in the evening of the first January guard Dzhigurda made several bulk bags, loaded them into the trunk of a car. Then in the car sits Lyudmila Bratash that the arms are Nikita and his assistant. Previously, the artist told me that he then took the woman to hospital because she urgently needed medical assistance.

      Никиту Джигурду обвиняют в подделке завещания и краже денег“Or I, or he, no one else to clean up the safe,” summed up the driver of Lyudmila, whom Nikita had charged that he was deliberately being fed a businesswoman, being in conspiracy with the sister of a deceased millionaire who dreamed about her inheritance.

      In addition to the issue of the stolen wealth Bratash, in the program “live” mentioned the will of the chair shown in one of the previous broadcasts. According to this document, the artist and his wife Marina Anisina are the only heirs businesswoman who bequeathed their property in the amount of 800 million rubles. An employee of the company Bratash Irina Egorova remembered in 2010, when allegedly it was written that the last will and Testament. The woman did not believe that document is real.

      “Lyudmila was friends with Marina Anisina those initially. They met her. Talked, they had cordial relations. And Dzhigurda Marina Anisina met Ludmila in the house. She called him a fool and a rogue”. With regard to this note in the will, “please don’t let sister” is not her handwriting. I worked with her for 15 years, and it’s not her handwriting. The signature looks like! In principle, any employee of our company could be faked, – said Irina. Is – a fake will, simply because Ludmila didn’t fly in 2010 in America!”