Nastasya Samburski tried to save brother

Настасья Самбурская пыталась спасти брата Popular actress helped the family as best they could. Nastasya Samburski now practically does not communicate with relatives who live in her hometown. Despite all the attempts to make contact, the famous actress does not dream to restore a trusting relationship with her mother and brother.

      Nastasya Samburski gained fame by starring in the TV series “Univer”. Gradually, the artist has also gained popularity in social networks. Despite the fact that she actively talks about her life, about her family, fans learned recently. In the program “Battle of psychics,” she spoke for the first time about the most close relatives. As it turned out, mom and brother in the stars Grigory Terekhov continued to live in rtischevo Saratov region. Now Samburski prekratila with all sorts of communication, a few years ago she tried to change the destiny of men.

      “Thanks to her help, I entered the University in Saratov, three years of schooling. She paid my tuition. First entered the commercial Department, because they didn’t believe in himself, and then was transferred to the budget. She helped me not sweating over financial difficulties. And then when missing such an opportunity, I went to work, and threw this University,” – said Gregory.

      The brother of actress recalls that they grew up in an ordinary family, and the parents raised the children as best they could. He admits that they had everything for a normal life. Gregory told me that mom and dad did not take an active part in their life, but has always provided children. Samburski not stand criticism after the opened of the truth about her family

      “Just Anastasia always wanted to live beautifully, to become an actress. In childhood several times a day dressed. Remember, she was 12-13, we spent time in the village in the summer. I vpahivat in the garden, and she scored on all of this. She always said I was going to live in a skyscraper, why should I garden?” recalled Terekhov.

      Now the brother of the famous artist working as a loader in his hometown and left the idea that the sister came home to visit relatives. Gregory doesn’t understand why Nastasia doesn’t want to communicate with his loved ones even on the phone. According to him, the mother wants to establish a contact with her and is very proud of the success of the daughter. However, the phone Samburski not responding.

      “I don’t know what happened to her. I think she’s kind of a trivial star disease. It all started as soon as it came on TNT,” – said the man in an interview