Племянница Ефремова рассталась с Борисом Ельциным-младшим
Heart 36-year-old businessman is again free.

Племянница Ефремова рассталась с Борисом Ельциным-младшим

Olga Efremova and Boris Yeltsin

The grandson of Boris Yeltsin, the 36-year-old Boris Yeltsin is once again alone. At
data telegrams-channel Super, heir to the famous family broke up
niece of Michael Efremova Olga. Relationships of Olga and Boris lasted only
only half a year. After parting with Ephraim
son Arseny went to visit her ex-husband Alessandro in Italy. Subscribers
Olga in the social network are not tired to enjoy the family reunion.

The status of the potential bride of Boris Yeltsin Jr. for
the past fifteen years managed to visit many of the capital’s beauties,
among them were socialites, models and Actresses — all the names, perhaps
can’t remember and close friends of the businessman.

But the only woman that
Yeltsin-younger remains true always is his half-sister Maria
Yumashev. It combines photos with Marfa, affectionately calls her brother,
Boris publishes in the microblog the most. And in her company Boris spent Christmas
holidays in the Caribbean, where these days has been a naval regatta.

Maria Yumasheva, Boris Yeltsin