Николь Кузнецова впервые рассказала о серьезной болезни сына The witch said about how to cope with the illness of an older child. For several years Nicole Kuznetsov tries to do everything to make the boy feel good. Frank admission has stirred up fans of stars of the project “Battle of psychics”, which began to share his life experience with diabetes.

      Finalist of the 16th season of the popular project “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova always very honest with the fans. In the microblog she talks not only about his life but also about what is happening in her family. Especially the psychic sons Stepan and Egor. Nicole couldn’t keep a secret from their subscribers the fact that her eldest child suffers from a serious illness. Because of diabetes the boy is forced to abandon the usual sweets, so as not to aggravate the condition. Witch dreams that one day doctors will cure this disease, and while the boy receives regular injections of insulin.

      Nicole Kuznetsova shocked the special gifting of this son

      “Unfortunately, nothing came up yet. Waiting for that magic pill and use the pump” – said Nicole.

      Fans were shocked by this news. Under the post Kuznetsova sparked a discussion of how mothers struggling to cope with sick children. They supported her and wished the boy and Nicole the strength to fight with illness.

      “What a cute boy. His health is strong and your entire family. So you want to all children on Earth are born and grow up healthy!”, “What children get sick. I wish you all good health huge to you and your baby”, “What a beautiful son you have! Let God and fate as beautiful to him!” – posted by fans of the psychic.

      Nicole Kuznetsova told all the fans that classmates Yegor sympathetic to the fact that he has diabetes and do not forget the holidays to bring treats without sugar especially for your friend.

      Many have advised Nicole to go to different healers. However, the psychic strongly rejects traditional medicine as the primary treatment. “In parallel, Yes. But not as an alternative. Note that if the disease is incurable, no shaman could not cure, was the opinion of Kuznetsov. – It’s my personal experience. Yes, I in traditional medicine, and parallel to anything, even Holy water, though herb magic. Unfortunately, I regularly see the death of people could have been saved. But they believed in healers. And their relatives come later with pictures of them to me.”