Yulia Mikhalkov receiving congratulations on the pregnancy

Юлия Михалкова принимает поздравления с беременностью The star of “Ural dumplings” made it clear that she was pregnant. Yulia Mikhalkov admitted that he lives in expectation of a miracle. Fans of the actress immediately came to the conclusion that it is in an interesting position, and began to wish her a easy delivery and happy motherhood.

      Actress of the popular show “Ural dumplings”, the 33-year-old Julia Mikhalkov on the eve of the Old New year was intrigued by its subscribers. The star posted a touching photo in which she left hand rests in the belly, carefully draped dress with flounces.

      “Dear friends! Tonight is another magical night for more, and only ours. In such a world no one else has. Old New year – another opportunity to dearest wishes. I was thinking of, I’m sure next year will be extraordinary for me and give a lot. And to all of you I wish! Believe in miracles, dream will all come true,” wrote Yulia Mikhalkov.

      And the photos and text, and the hashtag #ojidaniya that accompany their positions pregnant women, immediately allowed the subscribers of the actress to the conclusion that this year she will become a mother. And what’s more – it’s not just plans, but my baby star now goes with, and decided such a graceful way to reveal your biggest secret. Fans of Yulia Mikhalkova began to congratulate her on her upcoming motherhood.

      “Julia’s pregnant? As I waited for this”, “Just looked at “Ural dumplings”, the husband saying: “Julia is pregnant.” So. Hurrah!” “I wish you health and a easy birth! Congratulations!”, “In a child’s world when run for gifts” – written by friends and fans of Yulia Mikhalkova.

      The actress has not commented on the speculation, which appeared after her intriguing post. But in any case, the pregnancy can remain a secret only up to a point. Sooner or later this secret will be revealed.

      Recall, just under a year ago Julia Mikhalkov admitted in an interview that finally met the man she would like to start a family. Yulia Mikhalkov decided the issue of marriage

      Then she made it clear that the wedding they will be quiet, as Julia, and her partner believe that personal happiness is not to flaunt. By the way, and the name of his beloved, the actress does not name. But the fact that they are with the person you love passionately dream about children, Julia Mikhalkov does not hide. The star admitted that plans to give her future husband three or four heirs.