Nicole Kidman is facing a crisis in relations with her husband

Николь Кидман переживает кризис в отношениях с мужем

Australian beauty Nicole Kidman in need of passion. And her relationship with husband Keith urban she was gone. Now, as assure sources close to the couple, Nicole pondered whether her relationship with a man who does not bring her joy?

“Nicole thinks of them with Keith spent Iskra, and very concerned about this. She hopes that her husband will miss her while she travels across Europe in the framework of her promo tour, new movie “lion”. However, sad as it may be, it does not exclude another variant of development of events — divorce,” told the insider to one of the foreign editions.

Thinking about what the relationship of the couple recently something went wrong and suggests the fact that during her promotional tour of the painting “Leo” Nicole never broke for home, and even expressed the desire to do it. This state of the case is very upset wife actress.

Note that other friends of the couple, which often communicate with the urban, say that he is now enjoying freedom. While Nicole’s not around, Keith can feel like a full man without restrictions and total control.

We will remind, earlier about the relationship of Keith and Nicole responded very positively and warmly: “After her divorce from Tom I could not start a new relationship. Even when it survived the crisis of growing up. We began seriously Dating a whale, only two years after Dating. I was just incapable of close contact… But it’s all in the kit! I feel it as a denial of any alarms as permanent protection – although I am not in danger.”

Hopefully, the crisis, as in any family, after all, temporary. The pair will be able to survive and remain together.