Николас Кейдж сыграет гангстера

Nicolas cage is no stranger in films to take up the gun. In many of his paintings hero was somehow involved in the story, the resolution of which was impossible without weapons.

This experience cage again will have to use.

According to Variety, Nicholas will be part of a Thriller, the name of which is “Mad Philly”. In the center of events that will take place in Philadelphia, will be the businessman, which demand a ransom for the kidnapped brother-rounder, but everything points to the fact that he faked his own kidnapping. The hero of Nicholas, which rotates in gang circles, is called to investigate the situation.

The author of the script will be Jason Mossberg what makes, to direct the assigned project Director Steven C. Miller (“automaton transfusion online”).

The shooting of “Rabid Philly” should begin in may of this year. Premiere date has not yet been appointed.

Note that the “Rabid Philly” is the second project that the cage will have to work in the near future.

Nicholas will take the role of the Director in the detective Thriller “Revenge: a Love story”.

In the scenario, adapted by John Mankiewicz (“house of Cards”), formed a novel by American writer Joyce Carol Oates 2003.

The history center will be a detective named John Dromor entrusted with the investigation of a single mother, raped in front of their daughter.

“Telling stories has always been my passion — has recognized Nicolas cage. – It is an honour to work with such a talented team to tell the story of suffering, unfortunately, familiar to many women from personal experience”.

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