Madonna partition underage fan on stage concert in Australia

Мадонна раздела несовершеннолетнюю поклонницу на сцене концерта в Австралии

During a concert in Brisbane Madonna was invited to the scene one of the girls and pulling at her top, accidentally bared her Breasts.

After a long trial because of his son Rocco (Rocco) with her ex-husband, Director guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie), Madonna (Madonna) went on tour in support of new album Rebel Heart upset. The singer forgets the words and confuses the movement during performances.

At a concert in Bribsane, Australia, Madonna was invited to the scene one of the girls. “She is one of those girls that wants to spank ass and pull…,” said Madonna, pulling the edge of the top girls. The singer has not calculated force and accidentally bared Breasts fans. “Oh, sorry. Sexual harassment,” he apologized Madonna and hugged the fan.

By law Australia people can’t touch each other without permission it is considered sexual harassment. Police in Queensland said that to sue Madonna will be only if the girl to go to court with a complaint. But the fan, which turned out to be 17-year-old’sazepin Giorgio (Josephine Georgiou), told the Courier Mail that he sees in the act of the singer nothing wrong.

“I don’t think my chest is something very important. I don’t see anything, — said the girl. Seriously, why do I have to file for Madonna to court at the best moment in my life? While I was on stage, she always said I was worthy of the title “angel” Victoria’s Secret. It’s very flattering.”

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