Николас Кейдж готовится к битве за сына
The actor wants to sue Kal-El’s wife.

Nicolas cage and Alice Kim


As it became known the other day, another Hollywood celebrity is gathered
to sue the wife for the child. We are talking about Nicolas Cage, which this
year announced that he decided to divorce his wife Alice. This was reported by the website radar.online.com.

That Nicholas chose to leave his wife after 12 years of marriage, became
know this summer, though, as it turned out, the spouses do not live together
since January of 2016. But cage and his wife, which younger actor on the whole
20 years, formally still
not divorced. The couple decided not to issue until the termination of his marriage for fear of
to injure his son divorce process around which inevitably
rise noise in the press. As for Kal-El, who turned 11 years old
it is about who he’s going to live, the couple decided to negotiate amicably. In the end
the boy of the time spent with mother and father.

But recently, Nicholas and Alice began to quarrel over son. It absolutely
not satisfied that Kal-El is forced to do too much with the father — one
film to another site. Because the cage a lot:
this year the screens out as many as five films with his participation, and next to
he is scheduled for six Prime Minister!

At the same time, dissatisfied with the current situation not only Alice, but also Sam Nicholas.
The fact that he wants his son near him all the time. Nicholas,
which is still remorseful due to the fact that he is so little
the time spent with his older son, Weston, who gave birth to him when his
girlfriend Christina Fulton, wants to rehabilitate himself in his own eyes, as
father, at least with Kal-El. Therefore, the cage now wants to fight for sole
custody of the younger son. But will manage it or not — time will tell.