Ekaterina Klimova appeared before the fans in their underwear

Екатерина Климова предстала перед фанатами в нижнем белье
The mother of four children has published a spicy photo.

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram Ekaterina Klimova

Despite giving birth to four children, Ekaterina Klimova has managed to maintain a slim and trim figure. That’s probably why the actress is not shy to show the perfect body for naughty pictures in his microblog. Recently Catherine has published a candid portrait, which appeared in underwear.

However, in fairness it should be noted that the picture in the bounds of decency. The frame was constructed so that Klimova entirely in picture not included. However, even that had captured the fans enough in order to appreciate the incredible figure of the artist. “Tattoo — fire! Catherine you are adorable!”, “Bomb! One of the most sexy Russian Actresses!”, “Sexy, photogenic and just beautiful!” “Bold and amazingly beautiful!” commented subscribers microblog Klimova.

By the way, around the family life of Catherine and her husband, Gela Meskhi constantly circulating rumors that the couple are close to divorce. However, the actress with an enviable regularity denies all conjectures of ill-wishers about the quarrels in the marriage. Not so long ago the couple celebrated together the birthday of Catherine’s son from Igor Petrenko Matthew. The boy was 10 years, after which was organized a noisy children’s party.