Николаса Кейджа не узнали на премьере

Николаса Кейджа не узнали на премьере

Nicolas cage appeared at the premiere of her new movie “Running with the devil” with dense facial hair and a cowboy hat that made him almost unrecognizable to the public.

Hmmm, Nicolas cage, is that you? 55-year-old actor made his debut in an entirely new way, which made it completely unrecognizable on the red carpet at the premiere of his latest film, “Running with the devil” at the writers Guild Theater in Beverly hills on September 16.
In addition to the thick beard, the image of the actor was complemented by a brown leather cowboy hat with black trim, black jeans skins, black striped shirt and a denim jacket with wolf print and a fur collar.

Николаса Кейджа не узнали на премьере
The actor, usually clean shaven, but he is no stranger to facial hair. However, he usually keeps his beard trimmed and beautiful. Fans of the actor tweeted just was furious about the new image of the actor. One Twitter user commented
photo Nika: “Hey, Grizzly Adams!”, other commentators have picked up the phrase and wrote a thousand more similar, comparing Nicholas with a Grizzly. But apparently the actor is not particularly worries about the opinions of its admirers, as it is not in a hurry to change your appearance, strongly complementing your
the brutal image.

Николаса Кейджа не узнали на премьере
At the premiere of the film, Nicholas is joined by his 28-year-old son Weston cage, along with a mysterious girl. It should be recalled that Nicholas had recently divorced his fourth wife, Erika Bunk. Their marriage lasted only 4 days. Prior to that, Nick was out with my girlfriend for a year. The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas in March of this year, but soon cage filed for divorce, saying that in marriage it feat alcohol.

Nick was previously married to Alice Kim, and their marriage lasted from 2004 to 2016, and before that on the Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley) in 2002-2004. His first marriage was to actress Patricia Arquette lasted 6 years.

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