Nicky Hilton became a mother for the first time!

Ники Хилтон стала мамой в первый раз!
“Aunt” Paris fell asleep newborn niece gifts.

Paris and Nicky Hilton


The family of Nicky Hilton, socialite, model, and
younger sister, Paris, came the long-awaited addition. Nicky gave birth to
cute and quite healthy girl, who weighed 3 kilograms 400 grams.
The father of the newborn – James Rothschild. It
– Husband young moms and heir
the famous dynasty of financiers. The happy parents gave their daughter as much as
three name – Lily grace Victoria.

The same day Nicki and baby Lily came to visit at the hospital
a crowd of relatives: mother, sisters Hilton
– Katie, aunt Kim and Kylie, and, of course, Paris. The last several months
told everyone how she dreams of becoming an aunt. Paris admitted that as
just found out the sex of the unborn child of his sister, immediately began to buy for
my future niece’s gifts. “I really like you a lot outfits that I
in store for her is a charming little dresses in the style of a little Princess. And I
eagerly looking forward to the moment when you see them on the baby!” – said Paris.

About the fact that Nicky is waiting for
the child became known in the beginning of this year, and in may, the expectant mother told
that she should be born a girl. The younger Hilton was pregnant less than
six months after their wedding, held in the summer of 2015. Nicky and James
hit then the guests with luxurious ceremony, which was held not just anywhere, but in
Kensington Palace. Paris, who was with her boyfriend Thomas
Gross, said that he hoped also soon to marry and to bear
child at the same time with her sister. Alas, her dream was not fated to be carried out.
Paris not only became the wife of his friend, but decided with him
to leave. But now she is absolutely free and can allocate any amount
time to help his sister in the care of little niece.

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