Ник Гордон признан ответственным за смерть Бобби Кристины Браун

On September 16 took place the meeting of the Supreme court of the city of Fulton, where he was to address the question regarding if someone is the death of her daughter Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina brown or accident, which eventually led to a sad outcome, was it just a tragic mistake.

Thus, the court held that “legally responsible” in this matter is the civil husband of the girl Nick Gordon. Note that this decision was handed down in absentia because the guy just did not show up for the meeting.

The main argument in favor of the fact that Gordon still had an accident in the bathroom where she hit her head and nearly drowned, was the quarrel of young people, after which Nick left the room and left Christine alone with this problem.

A civil action against Gordon filed at the end of last year, the father of the deceased, Bobbi Kristina – Bobby brown. In respect of non-pecuniary damage, he demanded $ 50 million, but the final payoff amount, the court will determine later: “today We made the long journey to justice, said the lawyer of the brown family. – The court agreed with us that Gordon is legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina. It remains only to determine the price of her life. And we intend to do it. Note that on the criminal penalty in this case is out of the question.