Камэрон Диаз не стесняется пухленького небогатого мужа

Attention, Cameron Diaz paid like a Hollywood handsome Heartbreakers (take, for example, Jared Leto), and wealthy businessmen. But his heart is the star of the Comedy gave the musician the rock band Good Charlotte Benji Madden.

Despite the fact that the couple in the last year, formalized their relationship officially, many still do not believe that their destiny leggy blonde tied with a little chubby and not as wealthy as she is, man.

Journalists managed to find out, what are the qualities of Madden, in which Diaz fell in love: “you Know, I’ve often asked my married friends how to know when you’ve met one man who is right for me? They said, “When that happens, you will understand.” Now I know what they meant. I met benny — and I knew it was my future husband. Ben is the most sincere person in the world. None of all living on earth is not such a huge heart! He is a bright,loving, generous. Besides, with a sense of humor, very fun and funny. And there are many things I love about Ben. Honestly, I never thought that he will marry. Yes,that’s right. And when I met Ben for the first time thought, “That’s why I still don’t believed that I would marry! Because I didn’t know about the existence of Ben.“ So he directly said, by the way”.

Now the challenge remains for the family simply must receive the child, and then Diaz will wonder: “That’s why I still never pictured myself as a mom?”.