Ник Картер потратил 50 тысяч долларов на детскую комнату

His the newborn son of singer Nick Carter, one of the contestants in the popular 90s group the Backstreet Boys, nothing to regret. So, the singer did the room of her first child for 50 thousand dollars, make it steampunk.

Son nick and his wife Lauren was born 19 April this year and was named One. Shortly before his birth the couple has hired two famous designers Stephanie Avila and Tory Schwein to nursery their baby was the best of the best.
The cost of services also included furniture and original design, which were not considered. So, couch for room Odin had cost his parents $ 2,500, and lamp – 550. Wallpaper for room has been developed separately, but their cost is not disclosed.
Recall that for a pair of this child was the first, despite the fact that they have been together for many years. Wife of nick – a fitness instructor – came to form in a few weeks and made no secret of his desire to have a large family. This means that the pair will have to pay for children’s rooms again and again.

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