Nick cannon: “My marriage with Mariah Carey was great”

Ник Кэннон: «Мой брак с Мэрайей Кэри был великолепен»

Ник Кэннон: «Мой брак с Мэрайей Кэри был великолепен»

Nick cannon talked about his family life with Mariah Carey, which lasted from 2008 to 2016, in an exclusive interview with HL at the event on October 24 in Beverly hills, California.

39-year-old nick Cannon was really a lot to say about his marriage to 49-year-old Mariah Carey, although they were not together in 2016! The actor, who divides with the singer custody of eight-year-old twins Monroe and Morocco, spoke about his cohabitation with her. He even admitted that he did not think that someone can match with her. “I’d never marry again because the marriage, in which I was, was special. It was my only marriage, which gave me an incredible experience, nothing can with it compare, probably why I was so hard,” he said in an exclusive interview with one publication.
However, Nick didn’t mean that he and Mariah want to return the old relationship and be together again. He continued to tell how well they get along, especially with regard to the education of their children. “I think we should stay the parents of our children,” he explained. “We put your children first. This is a top priority for us and there is nothing wrong. We are very happy in it.”

Ник Кэннон: «Мой брак с Мэрайей Кэри был великолепен»

Nick’s comments about Mariah and their marriage is not too surprising, given that he said he married her again during an interview on September 23 in a talk show “Expedition with the tip”. Then during the performance on Ellen DeGeneres 11 October, he denied it: “Honestly, I said that I will probably never remarry because I’m still working on myself and trying to become a better person. That’s what I said”, he dodged. “But if I had to, I already know what it’s like. I would probably first came home before I had to do it again.”

“You know, Mariah, I’m totally fine and happy,” he continued. “We have a great relationship with my parents, and our children are very happy. It is a calm water — let’s just and we will. We want to keep this quiet.
Nick was not married on anyone, except for Mariah, but he shares custody of his two year old son Golden with Brittany bell. However, before nick, Mariah was married to music Director Tommy Mottola, 70 years, from 1993 to 1998.

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