Фото новой попы Анны Грачевской вызвало шок у интернет-пользователей
Fans unleashed on model a wave of criticism.

Фото новой попы Анны Грачевской вызвало шок у интернет-пользователей

Anna Grachevskaya

Anna Grachevskaya

Anna Grachevsky upset her own members. Model
proudly showed the results of plastic surgery on buttocks, waiting for
to hear the compliments and enthusiasm about new priests.

“For those who are particularly “worried”, says Grachevskaya. —
Everything is in place. I just do not think it necessary in every post to spread the ass. But
now is not a sin and to spread the nut — rehabilitation ended. So Hello to you
from the “Russian Kardashian”.

However, the reaction of the fans was quite different. “Oh my God,
square ass! Horror. Why did you do it? Many are trying this from
get rid of, but others pay money for it; Ugly…” — here he wrote
fans of the model. However, Anna left comments critical Internet users
no attention, and continued to publish photos of his new loin.

We will remind, at the end of last year, the former wife of the Creator
“Jumble” increased buttocks using implants. To increase
the sexy part of the body of the patient was used by its adipose tissue. “The first phase was the fence of adipose tissue of those places
which Anna considered problematic, says surgery plastic surgeon
Timur Nugaev. — Then, we created two pockets for the implants and put them
there. Also we did patient have liposuction in the abdomen, waist and
thighs. Anna specially “spoilt”, so we can borrow
she’s fat tissue. The whole operation lasted 7 hours.”