Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде Star 90s explained why he disappeared from show business. Marina Klebnikov remembered the difficult times of his life. Usually the artist tries not to dwell on the personal, however, next to Andrey Malakhov, she decided on a candid conversation.

      Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде

      The singer of the hit 90’s “Cup of coffee” Marina Khlebnikov rarely indulges his fans with new songs. Fans wonder why the artist now does not appear at social events and why her musical works heard in the broadcast. The Studio program “Let them talk” Marina openly talked about what happened in her life lately.

      Andrey Malakhov admired the ability Khlebnikov to protect their privacy. Only recently has the public learned that she has a 17-year-old daughter.

      As it turned out, the artist was a difficult period when she had to provide the whole family. She linked their lives with a loved one, however, in her opinion, he was overwhelmed to be “the husband of Marina Khlebnikova”. She remembered that her husband could not find work, but because she had 20 days after the birth to go on stage.

      “My mistake was that I decided to bring it into their sphere of activity. He released the album “Cats of my soul”, and I have not received any money for it, I neither sleep nor spirit did not know about. And when I saw then, some individuals and banks he took loans! And then comes the article “Husband Khlebnikova stole Joseph Prigogine 500 thousand dollars. I’m his afraid to approach, I have no copies of these have not seen the money!” – said in an exclusive interview with “Let them talk”.

      Marina Hlebnikova has also been numerous rumors. Some speculated that the artist had problems with alcohol, which she had to vanish from show business. The singer has denied this information. She admitted that all this time continued to work.

      Marina is a shame for a former spouse who took the money from her many friends in show business, including the producer Joseph Prigogine. The singer admitted that she is still ashamed to look him in the eye, as the debt her ex-husband never gave.

      Joseph Prigozhin admitted that they do not hold a grudge against the singer. He realizes that the woman was the victim of a dishonest spouse that cheated not only him.

      “Of course, he used it. For him, Marina Klebnikov was just an alibi for his fraudulent Affairs. A huge number of people looking for him, he took money not just from me. He scored I can’t be no complaints about the Marina,” – said Prigogine.
      Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде

      Marina Khlebnikova was pleased to hear in his address a good word from a friend.

      Daughter Marina Khlebnikova Dominic also makes his first steps in music. She sings in the evenings in the restaurants, but does not know what the future will choose for themselves. She is now 17 years old, and because the daughter of a celebrity decides what scope of activities to do with my life. In the meantime, she sings only for pleasure.

      “It’s like a hobby, I’m not going to associate with this life,” admitted Dominic.
      Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде

      In the Studio there was a former common-law spouse Khlebnikova Anton Loginov. They lived together for 10 years. For a spectacular artist, the man left his wife. Despite the passion and long-term relationship, the couple did not tie the knot.

      “I never renounced what I love Marina,” – said Loginov.
      Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде

      As it turned out, Anton and Marina broke up because of a new lover of Sergey. The man still fondly recalls relationship with a famous artist, proud that she raised a daughter Dominica.

      Марина Хлебникова рассказала о страшном периоде

      Valery Yurin, the former soloist of group “on-On”, I wanted to have Marina back on the stage. He offered her to organize several concerts in Germany.

      In the Studio got a friend from school Igor Slutsker, which Marina Khlebnikova barely recognized as not seen the man since 1985.