The new BIM MEDIA project leader is Arina Danilova Arina Danilova since 2011 and today day is an excellent specialist in the digital field. – Arina Danilova” /> She became the founder and head of the full-cycle Agency for the promotion of people and brands in social networks “Instad Agency” and the relationship psychology project “Playing with Love”, and is also a leading expert in psycho-marketing and training programs in SMT (Social Media Technologies).

Arina Danilova is the new host of the BIM MEDIA project< p> The girl began to build her career as a top model back in 2008, when she was only 14 years old. Later, in 2011, she decided to get an education as a television and radio journalist. Already in 2013, she became a TV presenter and took part in the TopFace TV, RuTv, O2 and Fashion Tv projects.

Arina Danilova is the new host of the BIM MEDIA project< p> In 2014, Arina Danilova began to try herself in beauty contests, took the place of “Vice-Miss Moscow 2014”, and the following year she received the title “Beauty of Russia 2015” at the choice of the directorate.

Now Arina has signed a contract for cooperation with “BIM MEDIA”, where, as far as we know, she will continue to develop as a presenter. We can only watch her progress and look forward to new projects with her participation! leader in the project “BIM MEDIA” – Arina Danilova” />

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