New photo: Alla Pugacheva attracted a record number of compliments in the Network

Новое фото: Алла Пугачева собрала рекордное количество комплиментов в Сети
The diva herself working with children.

Photo: Instagram

Regular home photo of Alla Pugacheva with children suddenly caused a huge wave of compliments Diva. Maxim Galkin in his personal blog published a picture, which Allah sits with Lisa and Harry at the table in the nursery.

“In the morning during class,” signed anchorman picture.

A seemingly ordinary situation! But when the main character pictures — Alla Pugacheva, the situation is beginning to play absolutely other paints.

Just a couple of hours, the photo gained more than 150 thousand likes and thousands of comments. It is noteworthy that they were all positive! It’s so rare in the Network, even surprising. Not to mention how much negativity has spilled into Dolly parton over the past two weeks. New song recorded in the plagiarism, that the new image has criticized…

But apparently, this time it is the turn of fan love. Diva praised for the way she looks and what she is really doing with children, although has the ability to employ them the best teachers. Some suggested that Pugachev catching up. After all, she gave birth to her first daughter Christina Aguilera, when she was only 22 years old. In that period she was actively engaged in his own career, so time for playing with her baby lacked.

And Pugacheva and Galkin praised the fans that they do not deprive their children of childhood. They are not “dragging” them into their shows to promote them, as Philip Kirkorov, do not dream to grow the Olympic Champions Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya, not lead to the podium, do not remove the clips… well, acting like normal parents who want to raise emotionally healthy and happy children.

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