Новый любовник устроил для Дженнифер Лопес романтический уикэнд
The singer spent a fabulous weekend in the Bahamas.

Jennifer Lopez


Although the novel
Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend
baseball player Alex Rodriguez recently started, it is developing a frantic
pace. Last weekend, Rodriguez gave Jennifer a surprise: he invited
her to spend the weekend with him on exotic Islands. Paparazzi managed to catch
Alex and Jennifer with children at the Miami airport where they flew to the Bahamas
where we left off in the exclusive resort of Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club. About it reported the Internet-the edition pagesix.com.

Although familiar
47-year-old Lopez and 41-year-old Rodriguez had been (they were seen together a few years ago), a novel by Jennifer
and Alex began a little over a month ago. He came backstage concert
hall casino in Las Vegas to congratulate her on another successful performance.
Rodriguez invited her to have dinner together… the way it “spun”.

says the informant of the edition, the lovers have already managed to acquaint their children
from previous marriages. Recall that Lopez brings twins Emma and max from her
his marriage to Marche Anthony. And Rodriguez, who used to date Cameron Diaz, and before that was married to Cynthia Curtis, is from his marriage with Cynthia, daughter — 12-year-old Natasha and
8-year-old Ella . Jennifer was very impressed with how caring
father to his girls was, Rodriges.

the way, reporters could not help but notice that on the ring finger of Lopez a few
days ago appeared a mysterious ring with large diamonds. Of course, no
if Jennifer got the jewel as a sign of engagement, they started Dating
too long ago in order to have to decide on such an important step. However,
according to a source, the ring had been given to her is Alex as a token of his love.
Well, how will evolve the longer their relationship, time will tell.