The family of Tatiana Vasilyeva celebrated the christening

В семье Татьяны Васильевой отпраздновали крестины
The daughter of the actress said, how was a mystery.

Photo: @bolonkina_vasileva Instagram’s Balancing

The son of Tatiana Vasilyeva Philip and his wife Mary Blankenau dubbed daughter. Little Mirra behaved during sacrament great. His emotions after the baptism of Mary shared in the social network.

“Today we have had a perfect day! We baptized our Myrrh! Baptized in honor of the Martyr of Myopia. Now Miruchi has a guardian angel that will protect her in the most trying and difficult hours of her life. Which will give her the strength to move forward, and under no circumstances not to give up. Now our little one is invisible protection for the period of all its beautiful life. Our girl, we love you, be happy!” — said Maria.

The sacrament of baptism was held in one of the capital’s temples. In order to be this day with your family Tatiana Vassilieva had planned to take one day off from performances. She had a very close relationship with the daughter-in-law, the actress indulges her with expensive gifts. And in her first granddaughter Tatiana and is doted.

We will remind that after scandal with the previous daughter-in-law, Anastasia Begunova, Vasiliev is not able to see my two grandchildren. Ivan and Grigory live in Germany away from my grandmother and dad. The reason of quarrel of relatives is the matter of money.