Новая «Молодежка»: все тайны четвертого сезона!
7days.ru publishes the details of the future plot of the popular series.

Новая «Молодежка»: все тайны четвертого сезона!

Photo: STS

CTC revealed
some of the mysteries of the fourth season of sports drama Molodezhka”: favorite heroes joined by Vyacheslav Fetisov.

In the story, the legendary hockey player appears in training to set
the guys at the game with serious opponents. According to Fetisov, such
inspirational speech really motivates athletes to win. “I remember during Youth
championship of the world, we came to the locker room, the greatest man, coach, speaker and
psychologist Anatoly Tarasov, ” he says. — At the right time, he said very
the right words, and then we became world Champions”.

For hockey legends is the fourth appearance on the set of “Youth”:
Fetisov has not missed one season, so the actors even called him a mascot
series. Hockey player and he joked that now he was recognized on the draft STS.

“On the street approach the children and ask: “You
Fetisov?” And I answered: “Yes, but how do you know me?” laughs famous
athlete. — To which I say “Junior” look!” By the way, my daughter also
follow the plot: Anastasia is studying film, so it all interesting.
Actually is very hard to shoot sports, especially team kinds, but I
it seems that over the years the series has formed a professional team that
can a hockey game most likely, as it is”.

By the way, among the lead actors also have fans of the famous
player “fab five.”

“Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, we have long been familiar with
it is an epic story, ” says Denis Nikiforov, who played coach Sergey Makeev. In
the time, my parents lived in Budapest, and somehow I stumbled upon an exhibition
dedicated to the stars of Soviet sport, where he was photos Fetisov.
Thanks friends, I managed to scrounge pictures three pieces have survived to the
the present day. In the first season I forgot them at home, but
the second brought and showed Vyacheslav Alexandrovich, what shocked him. It
was surprised to learn that almost a quarter of a century these frames were stored in our family.
One photo I gave him and the other two he signed — for a family Nikiforov and
I personally”.

In the new series of “Youth” will appear and a longtime friend of the famous hockey player —
sports commentator Victor Gusev.
If in the first season, he interviewed Fetisov, this time the hero of his
the report became the youngest goalkeeper Semyon Bakin: in the story, after the match, Gusev sets
the player Bears a tricky question, which introduces a guy into a stupor. “I’m playing again myself, but if I was dreaming
the hero, now finally met him and his father awake, joked
during filming, Victor. — By the way,
I did a more intense program, gave, so to speak, to turn around
my artistic being.”

Unlike the first season, in the fourth Gusev played in several
episodes. So, in one scene the father Bakin (Nikolay Dobrynin) meets
commentator at the entrance to the sports complex and asked for an autograph. “It’s part of my profession,” explains
commentator. — People will probably be
laugh that the hero framed back for an autograph, but this is normal. Say
so, I painted on different parts of the body, anything can happen”.