Maria Golubkina burned stable

У Марии Голубкиной сгорела конюшня
On the set of the TV series “Pearl” actress came to help during the fire.

Maria Golubkina

Photo: TV Channel “Russia”(VGTRK)

The ability to deal with horses is very useful
Maria Golubkina on the set of the TV series “Pearl”, which started on the channel “Russia”
RTR. In the new film Mary plays
farmer Aglaia Sievers, who together with her husband Vladimir in the performance of Ivan
Zhidkova keeps a herd of horses. That is the couple Sivers in the estate is
the main character Zhenya (Polina Strelnikova) after friends of her family
Zinaida and Alexander Golovin, the characters of Anna Yakunina and Sergey Labanino, after
the death of the parents of the girl deprived of her inheritance, and condemned to the ordeal. At
the plot of the farm Severson trying to take away local officials and set fire to them

“In the episode of the fire Vanya Zhidkova wire from
the microphone fell out of petelicki that would be noticeable on the screen, says the Director of the series Sergei Krasnov. — Masha
confused, and in that moment, when her character is comforted by her husband, pushing him to the
yourself, quietly, adjusted the microphone. She literally saved one of the most
expensive scenes as the stables could fire only once, and we shot
close-up, and then dropped the microphone would have to wipe. Masha
all at once prosekli and saved us from extra work. Besides Mary in the scenes on
the stables has helped us with practical advice, because she is well able to apply
with horses, it was wonderful to work with.”

Also in the series “Pearls” played by Alexander
Domogarov, Julia Galkina, Maria Kulikova, Marina Yakovleva, Elena Zakharova and
other actors.