Новый бойфренд Хизер Локлир изменяет ей с другой женщиной

Lasted a short time happiness actress Heather Locklear. Some dawn Willet States that Chris Heisserwhich star of the TV series “Melrose” found at the end of last year, actually lives with another woman.

As reported by the Western media, the new boyfriend is breaking all records of bad guys that have ever been partners Heather. Not only that, he spent time in prison, suspected in fraud, corruption, forgery of documents, in debt, as in silks, and cheating on his famous girlfriend. Although, given the length of them with Locklear relationships, it’s dawn he’s cheating with Heather.
“They don’t just meet – they live together since October of last year. I once crossed paths with them several times,” — said the publication of RadarOnline ex-husband Willot, adding that the pair have even discussed marriage. All this time dawn had published pictures with her lover – part-time and beloved Heather, that is a proof of deceit Chris.
Meanwhile, friends of Heather continue to believe Heisser crook who’s just using her and her money. They fear that Locklear, who only recently came out of rehab’s, where he was treated for alcohol and drug addiction, may again sink to the bottom, and it will be even more severe decline.