Donald trump will be a grandfather for the ninth time

Дональд Трамп станет дедушкой в девятый раз

Donald trump managed to build a successful business and achieve incredible career heights (we will remind, in January of this year the businessman has taken up the post of President of the United States), but also to create a large family that is pleasing to him every day. The 45th President of the “States” at the moment is the happy father of four children and grandfather of eight grandchildren. Soon the family of the latter-day policy will increase by another man.

Trump told reporters that his 33-year-old son Eric trump will soon give him another grandchild. Ninth!

“We learned the shocking news about the pregnancy in my birthday”,– admitted to journalists of the future father. The couple have not yet chosen a name for his son, but he’s thinking on appropriate options. “We love the name Charlie, but we already named our dog”, joked Eric.

Note that grandchildren Trump gave birth to yet two out of four children: sister Erica

Ivanka three children grow up, and brother Donald Jr., five of them.