Netizens speculated that the Yulia Menshova drinks

Пользователи Сети предположили, что Юлия Меньшова выпивает

Yulia Menshova has published on his page a photo in which she is depicted in a beauty salon.

The actress wanted to tell their subscribers about the master, who for many years watching her hair.

“Here he is — a genius of hairdressing. Trust his hand and scissors for almost 18 years…(ahhh! what numbers!) A true master of his craft!” — wrote Julia, adding that the Barber is the Creator and master who is very fast: “Rrrraz and the haircut is ready!”

In the picture Menshov did not try to look like a cover girl, because no constraint has shown itself to be natural, without makeup. Could the host of the show “Alone with all” to think of an editorial Board that will cause its subscribers.

The followers of the star have divided into two camps: those who had criticized Julius, who on the contrary admired.

It looked like this: “Years do not spare anyone”, “don’t Even know (((very old”, “Excuse me, do you drink?”, — wrote some. “Wonderful natural photos! And it you really like daddy,” “How nice to see the face on the cover without makeup. I love you,” “Nice to see live cute faces, not masks plastic” retorted the other.

What do you think, who is right? Not too categorical “couch critics” against the 47-year-old woman who is not shy about his natural (and not restucture) appearance?