Netizens criticized plump pregnant Irina Shayk

Пользователи Сети раскритиковали располневшую беременную Ирину Шейк

Summer 2017 for many Western celebrities will be the happiest time of the year because that’s when the light will be their children. Now we’re talking about Beyonce, Amal Clooney, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Irina Shayk. The representative of Russia in the West today, fans say forcefully. The reason for this untidy pregnant model, in which she walks along the street.

Пользователи Сети раскритиковали располневшую беременную Ирину Шейк

Paparazzi caught Irina at the farmers market, which she visited with mom. For this release, the model chose a free sports dress bright colors and a… furry Slippers. Completed the image removed in a sloppy bundle of hair and sunglasses. In the hands of Irina kept buying. Apparently, the model is extremely care about their health because she was carrying packages of strawberries.

Barely pictures were in the Network, users began to criticize it. In General, we discussed the fact that Irina has ceased to look after themselves, as well as its completeness. The strange thing is that no one has made allowances for the fact that the woman is still in position and a set of weight – norm, through which all.

“Ira was very bad to dress like a hobo, goes”, “M-Yes, to gain weight with her face straight at all contraindicated. All the beauty flew instantly,” “As if within the hospital walks in this robe,” “Later still, postpartum depression begins , sleepless nights . With dirty hair long for her to go”, – expressed his opinion of the Russian-speaking users. And what about Irina, in this case, do you think? Forgivable if her appearance?