Племянник Михаила Гуцериева устроил шикарную тусовку на вилле в Майами The man celebrated the new year holidays. To do this, it is entirely rented legendary mansion of a famous fashion designer. It was there held main activities of the night. Among the invited guests were representatives of the Russian stage, which all evening entertained the audience.

      The owner of “Binbank” Mikail Shishkhanov trying to keep up with his cousin Mikhail Gutseriev, who in the middle of last year threw a lavish wedding for his son. This event was discussed in secular circles, where the main topic was still the cost of the wedding. He is not inferior to uncle. He any hoisting celebrate the New year. Mikail fully rented Villa which once belonged to fashion designer Versace. Now The Villa Casa Casuarina is one of the most expensive hotels in Miami.

      The stars took a walk on the gorgeous wedding of the son of a billionaire in Moscow

      He felt that the event should be only for their own, so on site that night was attended by close friends and relatives of the entrepreneur. To entertain guests arrived Svetlana Loboda and Nikolai Baskov, who performed their best songs, wished the audience a happy New year and thanked them for the opportunity to visit the legendary building of the mansion.

      Producer Svetlana Loboda, Natalia shared with subscribers of the video, which ispolnitelja reports that this is her third performance for the last day. In the video, the artist passes on the property and soon finds himself on the main stage, around which the guests gathered and applauded celebrities. Some members women asked why her concert there so few people. But producer star told fans that it was a closed corporate.

      It should be noted that the event guests were treated to dishes of the most prestigious restaurant of the boutique hotel, parallel to watching a Grand fireworks launched on the occasion of the coming New year. It is obvious that the locals have become unwitting witnesses held celebrations. The whole evening presenter of the concert was Nikolai Baskov, who talked a lot with the audience and announced performances. Among them were many local music groups.

      I must say that The Villa Casa Casuarina has long been the private property of the designer Gianni Versace, but after he was assassinated in 1997, the mansion was converted into a boutique hotel. Now come the oligarchs and celebrities. The hotel deserve such attention not only because of the name of legendary designer, but also the location on the Atlantic coast in the heart of Miami beach.