The daughter of Susan Sarandon almost lost a newborn son

Дочь Сьюзан Сарандон едва не потеряла новорожденного сына The kid got a severe head injury because of the babysitter. A few days child of actress Eva Amurri Martino was on the verge of life and death. A young mother admits that this time was for her the most disturbing and tragic. The daughter of Sarandon vowed that he will no longer trust your children to strangers.

      The daughter of famous actress Susan Sarandon Eva Amurri Martino, at the end of October for the second time became a mother, spoke about the tragic incident with her newborn son.

      The incident nearly cost the child of eve and her husband Kylie Martino life. It all happened after thanksgiving, a young mother a month and did not tell outsiders about the tragedy that occurred with her young son Majora. And only now 31-year-old Eva decided on a revelation, perhaps, to her terrible experience to take account of other moms who trust their tiny successors nannies.

      The woman who took care of a newborn son eve night, fell asleep holding him and dropped the baby on the floor.

      “Kylie was already sleeping and woke up to the sound of the impact of Majora and his heart-rending cry. He had a skull fracture and bleeding. The ambulance took us to the center of the Yale Medical Center where we spent terrible days. To say that this time was the most disturbing and tragic in my life, to say nothing,” wrote a young mother in the microblog.

      Now the baby is all right. Fortunately, not affected the baby’s brain, and doctors make good predictions about its development. Young parents are happy that things worked out, however, it is difficult to get rid of feelings of guilt. The daughter of Susan Sarandon swears he will no longer trust the children to nannies.

      “Through the prayers of the angel-the Keeper of Majora and all of our family son in order. Now we are absolutely happy. He is recovering quickly, laughing and otherwise shows us that with him all right. But now I find it hard to trust anyone to care for Megarom. As soon as I hear him cry, instantly reminded of that dreadful night, my heart is trembling from fear and from his eyes tears. I’ll never trust their children to strangers, I’ll take care of them herself,” promised eve, Amurri Martino.

      Recall that a two-month Major is the second child of Eva Amurri and her husband, sports commentator Kylie Martino. The first child of the spouses was an adorable baby girl Marlowe Mae Martino. Little girl in August has been two years. Susan Sarandon’s granddaughter was born