Nelly Ermolaeva staged a sex games with husband

Нелли Ермолаева устроила секс-игры с мужем The couple spent the evening in the hot SPA. Nelly Ermolaeva tries to maintain passion in relationships with your spouse after the wedding. The presenter does not allow you to turn family life into a routine and often he gives her beloved man an unforgettable adventure just for two.

      Popular leading music channel RU.TV Nelly Ermolaeva and her husband Kirill Andreev is not allowed to fade away your feelings. Both husband and wife strive to make their relationship couldn’t break the routine of everyday life, and try to spend their days so that they had time only for each other. Nelly Ermolaeva shared intimate video

      Last Saturday, for example, a couple spent in the SPA, enjoying the fellowship together. However, the moments of intimacy with spouse Nellie decided to share with the subscribers of his microblog, once again demonstrating that she is a girl brave and devoid of any prejudices. In Instagram Ermolaeva published several pictures, which she and her husband embodied, gently hugging and kissing each other.

      “Adventure for two in a romantic Spa. Molochkovo relaxing bath with rose petals and a delicious tea. Massage, coffee peeling, chocolate wrap and a Finnish sauna. Ran away from the city. Disappeared in the atmosphere of complete bliss,” signed Nellie his erotic collection.

      “Such a romantic setting and you’re wonderful”, “good you guys are! So nice to look at you! Nelly Belle! Happiness unlimited!”, “Nellie, you, my dear! I admire you and your family!” delightedly responded to candid shots of subscribers of Nelli Ermolaeva.

      However, not all fans of teledive was enthusiastic over what he saw. Many expressed the hope that such images should be stored in the family archive, not in the public domain. And even Nellie remembered the sad experience of Olga Buzova, which also liked to show passion with her husband. “Why put it all on display? Happiness loves silence,” the “Nelly, you have to hide your happiness. We all know that you’re clever, I love and loved. And I don’t want you did it, as Olya Buzova,” cautioned Nellie from excessive openness to the other part of her fans.

      Recall, Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev got married in June last year. Pair all indicators can be considered perfect. A husband and wife trying to make pleasant surprises, travel a lot and strongly support the initiatives of each other. The TV presenter admitted “StarHit” that after the wedding, she feels more confident because he knows that the husband will always be there.