Neighbors condemned Shepeleva for the conflict with the Friske family

Соседи осудили Шепелева за конфликт с семьей Фриске Reporters went to the small home of well-known leading. As it turned out, Minsk residents relate differently to Dmitry Shepelev. Some believe the star is well-mannered and polite, while others resent his strained relationship with the parents of Jeanne Friske.
Соседи осудили Шепелева за конфликт с семьей Фриске

January 25 Dmitry Shepelev was 35 years old. Host of “In fact,” rarely gives interviews and very reluctantly tells about himself. The journalists decided to go to Minsk to learn more about the star.

Neighbors Shepelev said that had not seen it. After Dmitry changed his place of residence, he prefers to close themselves went to him in Moscow. Parents often see your son and help him with the heir of Plato. Some of those who knew from childhood Dmitry, I believe that he deliberately doesn’t attend the small home.

“What did he come to that?! Look at that dirt! Well, what he communicates well with the parents of Jeanne? Already have established relationships, or the child does not give them to see, shame! Here in Minsk everybody is talking about it. That’s why he doesn’t come home, he knows that it will not approve. I remember in childhood and adolescence – he was a nice guy, now what… Do not want to talk,” he shared with correspondents retired, living in the same house with Shepeljavyi.

At the same time, other neighbors, on the contrary, sided with the broadcaster. They speak about Dmitri as well-mannered and polite person. “Dima always was a good kid, how much you want to say, we don’t know much about the conflict, but one smile is worth, how beautiful,” said Olga Ivanovna. The woman also admitted that following the career of Shepeleva.

“We all watch the program on the First channel. And the fact that the parents of Jeanne it happened, it remains to be seen whose fault,” she said.

By the way, earlier one of Kim’s classmates told me that he was born in an ordinary family. “Mother – accountant, father – programmer. My parents always supported her son, proud of his activities,” shared Ivan, who graduated from the same school, and Shepelev. When Dmitry started working in television, his new work does not impact on learning. Shepelev was trying to do homework and not missing classes.

Why Dmitry Shepelev lying about the past

We will remind that the conflict between the broadcaster and the parents of his late wife Zhanna Friske does not subside. The court ordered Shepeleva not to interfere with the meetings close with Plato. However, the relatives of the artist say that Dmitry is not going to meet them. According to them, leaving Shepelev from execution, citing various imaginary pretexts.

In December last year, his mother Jeanne still managed to meet with Plato. In mass media appeared information about the fact that communication with the boy was very hard – the child is not recognized grandma and refused the gift. Nervous father of the actress stayed in the hospital, reminds