Наташа Ростова сумела побороть рак Famous radio host spoke about the difficult road to recovery. Natasha Rostova at the same time recovering from cancer and tuberculosis. Star air was discharged from the hospital and returned home to three kids.

      Наташа Ростова сумела побороть рак

      Fans of Natasha for almost a year praying about her health. The radio presenters was diagnosed with cancer of the breast, and after a few weeks, doctors found she had tuberculosis. Both of the disease developed rapidly, needed double surgery. Fortunately, it was the doctor who made this surgery.

      The second last September in the Metropolitan hospital Sechenov Natasha was operated on the lung and the chest. Immediately after that, radio started to receive anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy. Two months later her body lay a double burden in the form of individual chemotherapy of cancer. All Rostov experienced four treatment.

      “Yesterday I turned 42, – said Natalia the day before. A year ago I was concrete sure that I will have a long life. I now it’s hard to believe, but now know how fragile and vulnerable we can be. It was the first birthday that I spent, aware of every minute.”

      During treatment near the Body were her three children, beloved man, who took care of all, and the many friends that supported her as best I could. Chemotherapy was given to Natasha is incredibly difficult.

      “If you take the body as a set of organs and systems, in this set there is not one whole ingredient: it seems that pain and suffering all at once. The human brain saves the poor fellows in such moments — just disables the mind. So I like walked, talked, even corresponded with someone — but I don’t remember. And thank God,” says Rostov.

      In April, Rostov made a control survey, which showed that the cancer cells are destroyed. The on-air talent are immensely grateful to everyone who responded to her distress and helped, all who supported it in social networks a good word.

      However, radio remains the chemotherapy of tuberculosis. The treatment will last at least another two years.

      “I got a disability. At first I had doubts — why would I? In our country, the disability pension is small, but there are some bonuses: discount on housing and utilities, Mosenergo, free travel on the subway and on the trains, free alcohol, free Parking. And this applies to all parks, not just municipal: in any TTS there is a separate space near the entrance for people like me, – says Natalya in an interview with the Fund “Orthodoxy and the World”. – In General, I live. Every day overcoming any difficulties. The road by walking, right?”

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