Глюк’oZа вышла замуж во второй раз The singer has uttered the solemn vows after 10 years of marriage. Natalia Ionova and Alexander Chistyakov celebrated pink wedding. In honor of important dates, as well as the recent birthday of the actress, the couple staged a lavish celebration.

      Глюк’oZа вышла замуж во второй раз

      Popular singer Natalia Ionova, better known under the pseudonym Gluk’oza, for 10 years now lives happily with her husband Alexander Chistyakov, and has two daughters, Lydia and Faith. Not long ago, the actress celebrated their own 30th anniversary. But she decided to combine the two important dates in her life and arranged a Grand celebration.

      At the festival Natalia and her husband decided to speak to each other vows of love and fidelity.

      “Here we have our sacrament – 10 years later we re-married, however jokingly. Although, if we ignore the humour that accompanied the evening, words of love and repeated “I do” was even more meaningful than it was 10 years ago. Only this time, instead of the altar was a brick wall with graffiti,” the singer shared details of the event with your followers.
      Глюк’oZа вышла замуж во второй раз

      Fans do not get tired to admire the harmonious relationship of Natalia and Alexander. They were quick to congratulate the couple with the anniversary and wished them a long and happy family life.

      “Natasha, every day I read the caption to your photo, and I just love your family. You live for yourself and your family, not paying attention to anybody. Are you the family who wants to fit in. Thank you for share your emotions”, “What you are beautiful and how lucky you are so early to meet her man, but also to recognize that he is “the same”. Congratulations”, “What a wonderful and beautiful family! Daughter the charm! Happiness to you,” wished the fans.

      Глюк’oZа вышла замуж во второй раз

      Natalia and Alexander held an elaborate celebration, which invited their relatives, friends and colleagues. They decided to name the celebration “Eternal love”. Ionova wrote a tender Declaration of love to his wife, thanking him for daughters, and for all that he does for her and the family.

      Despite a sincere love of the singer and her lover, Glyuk’oza still admitted that in their relationship there are conflicts and scandals. Usually, however, disputes break out over small things. The husband and wife do not attach much importance to small differences.

      “Fortunately, neither I, nor Sasha has no inflated ego, excessive pride, and we both can take the first step towards reconciliation. Always try to extinguish quarrels and be aware that saying and doing against each other. Often spouses swear, say rude words, insults. And this is one of offense all accumulated and after some time can destroy even the strongest unions. So I urge everyone to watch what and how you say in a moment of emotional explosion. In any situation it is best not to lose my temper,” said the singer.

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