Наташа Королева открыла правду о своей второй беременности
The singer said that preparing to become a mother again.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: scene from “the Secret million dollar

Natasha Koroleva became another “victim” of the new TV show Lera Kudryavtseva Is the Secret million dollar. In the process of participating in the show Queen spoke openly about motherhood. It is known that the singer has long been dreaming about a second child, but that she had a miscarriage she told for the first time.

According to the Queen, for a long time she with her husband, Sergei Glushko, was very active in the question of her pregnancy. “There was a period when we sought medical care were replanting, and letting the eggs. It was all and nothing happened. Was and pregnancy themselves, but God did not give…” — said Natasha. However, the 42-year-old singer and did not think to despair in this matter. It does not exclude the possibility that in the future will become a mother for the second time.

Recall that Natasha and Sergei’s teenage son Arkhip. Some time ago his parents sent him to study abroad. The last six months he lives in Miami.

Incidentally, during the conversation with Kudryavtseva, who also remembered the years of marriage with Igor Nikolaev. The nostalgia for family life with the composer Natasha was not very nice. She admitted that their relationship was a betrayal on the part of Nikolaev which she still can not forgive him.