90-летняя Елизавета II потрясла подданных своей «выходкой»
The web was much discussion an act of the British Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge

Elizabeth II, despite his advanced age, it seems, no intention to slow down the pace of life. Recently paparazzi caught British Queen for unexpected activity. Monarhine photographed behind the wheel of the SUV that cut through the roads of Scotland. The funny thing about this story is who sat in the passenger seat and where 90-year-old Elizabeth II went…

The company of the Queen of great Britain amounted to the Duchess of Cambridge, which Elizabeth II has graciously agreed to give a lift to the venue with her grandson — Prince William. The young couple decided to organize a picnic in the mountains behind the lake Muik on the estate Balmoral in Scotland. It turns out that personal driver Kate became the Queen of great Britain, that her subjects seemed very funny.

Incidentally Elizabeth II sat behind the wheel of the car without a license, although in fairness it should be noted that she is the only person in England who has it right. By the way, not so long ago it became known that she still from time to time, he travels on horseback.

Incidentally, William was waiting for his relatives in the mountains alone and in the company of his grown children: three-year-old Prince George and one-year-old Princess Charlotte, whom he took along for the ride.