Наташе Королевой разрешили проститься с бабушкой The artist will be allowed in Ukraine, so she could attend the funeral of a relative who died in Kiev. The representative of the SBU said that the document about the entrance the Queen will be valid for only a few days. The Agency has made concessions to the singer, but finally she was allowed unlimited entry to Ukraine.

      A few hours ago Natasha Koroleva said that her grandmother died Sophia Nikolaevna. The artist said that she will not be able to attend the funeral of a relative, as in October last year, the security Service of Ukraine forbade her to appear in the territory of the country. In the family of Natasha Koroleva misfortune

      The post pop stars, on the loss of a loved one caused a flurry of comments from the Internet users. Probably, representatives of the Ukrainian Minister also drew attention to it. Service representative Elena Gitlyanskaya said that the Queen be allowed to visit the country in connection with the funeral of his grandmother.

      “Of course, decidable. I know that she has been contacted and this issue will be resolved positively,” – said the employee of the Department.

      According to Gutlyanskii, the entry permit will be given to the Queen for the funeral of Sophia Nikolaevna. Yet the SBU is not going to completely rethink the ban.

      Recall that in October 2016, the Queen was in the “black list” of artists who are denied entry to Ukraine. The number of stars has also been found Oleg Gazmanov, Iosif Kobzon, Valeriya perfilova, Sergei Penkin, Alexander Rosenbaum, Julia Chicherin. Natasha was surprised by this decision of the authorities of his native country. The star told “StarHit” how she found out about it.

      “After the Kremlin, December 14, was to speak in his native Kiev. Countrymen wrote to me: try to come, we’ll arrange a “beautiful” reception. Life in Ukraine, I was his,.. And suddenly became a stranger. The day when I fell on the news, I remember now. I’m on the phone gave an interview to the Ukrainian edition. And I hear she pauses and after a pause says, “Natasha. I was told that you were denied entry into the country for five years.” The reason for such a trick, supposedly with his work the artist Queen is a threat to the Ukrainian state. Life I sing about love, political intrigue do not get involved,” explained the singer.

      About a month ago Natasha Koroleva has filed a lawsuit against SBU to challenge the ban on entry to his native country. The hearing will be held in Kyiv in March 2017.