Natasha Koroleva got rid of her son's friend Melissa Valynkina The appearance of Melissa Valynkina in the family was a blow to Natasha Koroleva.

Natasha Koroleva got rid of her son's friend Melissa ValynkinaOf course, she herself was married to the stripper Tarzan, but it's one thing for a man who strips and seduces women, and another for a girl who does not understand what she does after her private dances in a nightclub. stripper Melissa, Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko had to put up with the fact that she lives with their son and claims to be a member of the family.

Natasha Koroleva got rid of her son's friend Melissa Valynkina

At first, Natasha and Sergey unanimously assured friends and admirers that there were plenty of such “Melissa” in their son's life and this one of many others, but time passed, and the stripper Valynkina did not disappear anywhere.

Melissa began to travel with her family Arkhip, having visited with them in America, and then in Kaliningrad. Gradually, the girl even began to appear in the stories of the Queen and even in the photographs of Tarzan, which indicated a thaw in relations.
But a recent family trip to Dagestan did without Valynkina. Natasha did not even mention her in her stories, but focused on the fact that she spent this weekend with her husband and son.

One could assume that Melissa simply did not take pictures with them, but there is no mentions of a trip to Dagestan, although earlier she did not forget to mark the places where she was with Arkhip and his family.

So, it is very likely that Natasha Koroleva and her husband Tarzan still managed to get rid of such a daughter-in-law and Arkhip , to the general joy, finally broke up with his Melissa.

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