Natasha Koroleva came to telephoto in Slippers

Наташа Королева пришла на телесъемки в домашних тапочках
The singer dressed in a sweat suit and Slippers are not by accident.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Natasha Koroleva surprised by the unusual outfit, appearing on
the filming of the Christmas edition of the show “evenings situated near Moscow” the First channel. Singer
came in sweats and Slippers…!

It turned out, the original dress code was carefully thought out
star in advance.

“The atmosphere of the program cosy, homely and country — shared
with singer. — Automatically configures to relax and
just play in a comfortable home clothes. Actually, these Slippers street
shoes. I walked in them all summer. When I was visiting friends in Italy
whatever shops I went, including a very expensive, all the managers immediately
ran up to me and asked: “Where you purchased these Slippers?” I bought them
at home”.

“Moscow nights”
go on the First channel from February this year. The show is held in the format of the game
program where participants will compete for the main prize in the amount of 500 thousand

“The idea came suddenly, though lying on the surface — shared
with the producer of the show Ivan Urgant. — This format is for
ocean. Among people that I talk to many who loves to gather
a large company of friends and play some games.. But really came
guests congratulated her grandmother on the anniversary, ate three pounds of pork, drank three
a liter of Cahors and want to be entertained!”

Games that you can play a large company, a lot, Ivan
decided to “take” them to the maximum. Therefore, each of the editions of the show unique, game
almost never the same. But on TV, unlike the home get-togethers, there
a nice bonus — the team’s captain and one of the actors gets large
the prize money, the maximum amount of which half a million rubles! The team leader —
people not from the world of cinema and show business, and he leaves a winning amount himself.
Star’s giving all the money to charity.