Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой Star of Soviet cinema became the main heroine of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. The actress spoke about conflict with the famous colleague. According to Natalia Vladimirovna, they were able to forgive him shortly before his death mother-in-law.
Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой

22 June Natalya Varley celebrated its 70th anniversary, and already the first of July was the guest of the programme “Tonight”. In the audience were her friends, relatives and old friends. Star of Soviet cinema openly talked about relationships with children, their little weaknesses, conflict with Nonna Mordyukova.

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“The jubilee was very quiet, in the family circle. Was my sons, my sister and her husband and their grandson,” he shared details of birthday Varley.
Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой

In the beginning of the program, the actress recalled how she got the role of Nina in the famous Comedy film by Leonid Gaidai’s “kidnapping, Caucasian style”. The Director has watched the sample about five hundred Actresses, but in the end chose Varley. “When were shooting, I was shown the album in which were gathered photographs of the contenders for the role of Nina. There were a lot of Actresses,” – shares memories of Natalia.

Stanislav Sadalsky, Elena Borschev and classmate Varley Boris Ivanov expressed his words of admiration to the protagonist of the program. Classmate of the actress confessed that all the students were in love with the future star of the screen.

Young Varley worked as a tightrope Walker, and acrobatic skills came in handy in her acting career. Natalia admitted that all the stunts on the set of “Caucasian captive” performed on his own.

“After I accidentally almost killed the trio on the car during the shooting, Leonid Gaidai said that in the scene of the jump from the cliff will replace me as an understudy. However, later it turned out that my understudy can’t swim, so there I did everything,” recalls Varley.

Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой

There is nobody a secret that in “the Caucasian prisoner” replica of Natalya Varley the voices said Natalia Rumyantseva, and represent a song about polar bears recorded Aida Vedischeva. However, the actress has decided to prove that they can cope with the music room, so right in the air, she performed one of the most recognizable songs of the Soviet cinema.

Broadcast showed an excerpt from an interview with the grandson of actress Eugene, who now lives in Italy. A young man learns the language and works as a waiter. He was unable to attend the anniversary of her grandmother, but invited her to visit me in Verona.

“I never called her grandma. She was always Natasha, always young look. The ability to look young and a love for black cats is her everything,” – says Eugene.
Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой

The actress admitted that her children and grandson are the name of Varley. On assurances of Natalia, she wanted to give him the family name of the father to the next generation through sons and grandsons.

In the course of the program touched upon a painful subject of the feud between the two stars of the Soviet cinema, Natalya Varley and Nonna Mordyukova. The main character of the issue admitted that they had a chance to reconcile with her mother in law before her death.

“Between us, Nona Viktorovna ran a black cat. But we managed to make peace, said words of love to each other. I came to her home, came to the funeral. Once, at the beginning of our reconciliation Nonna Viktorovna said in my honor toast. Said I’m a good mother” – shares memories Varley.

The words of the actress confirms and sister Mordyukova Natalia Kataeva. A relative of the star of Soviet cinema’m sure that Nonna Viktorovna loved his daughter, but sometimes it was too hot to properly Express my feelings. “She’s Natasha loved, said a former daughter-in-law knows how to live. Natasha had often called and asked what to bring. She knew that Nona is cold and brought her things, Bathrobe, Slippers,” says a relative of the actress.

Наталья Варлей расссказала о давней вражде с Мордюковой

Further Varley touched on yet another painful topic and told about their second birth. The fact that the youngest son of the stars were born prematurely, and so Natalia could lose the baby.

“When I gave birth to her youngest son, was a very small period of time. But I prayed, and if I did, the son would probably have died. Then in the hospital was the man who became my son’s guardian angel, Aleksey Grachev. He sat with a heavy child. He saved my son, and then became the godfather of both children,” says the star of the Soviet cinema.

By the way, the youngest son of the actress also appeared in the Studio. Alexander Varley has been part of a music band that makes cover versions of the hits “The Batles”. Natalia admitted that her family are all mad Beatles fans. Love Liverpool Quartet she instilled in sons and grandson.

During the story, filmed in a country mansion actress, Varley told about one of his weakness – the love cats. In the house of the actress home to a dozen furry Pets, each of which she loves. Besides, Varley showed photographs of her son Basil, who rarely appears at social events

“He never public, private man. Never gives interviews,” says the star of the Soviet cinema.

To congratulate her on her anniversary came another cat lover, and part-time former neighbor Varley in the apartment, Bari Alibasov. The producer said that Natalia instilled in him a love for our younger brothers. Besides, the showman admitted that he had repeatedly flooded neighbor, but she never for a long time did not hold it against him.